Support and Transport for the Community

Important information about FISH and COVID-19

Although sadly many of our activities are still restricted, FISH is continuing to help people through these difficult times in any way we are able.  At the moment this includes:
1. Providing transport for appointments (taking safety precautions advised by Public Health England)
2. Shopping for anyone unable to get out
3. Taking paper prescriptions to the health centre and collecting/delivering medication from the health centre or chemist.
4. Providing regular phone calls for anyone in need of a friendly chat
5. Lending out talking books and jigsaw puzzles
6. Carrying out small repairs in people's houses
Our volunteers are a diverse and resourceful bunch so you may find we can assist in other ways.  If in doubt phone Fish and we will either help you directly or put you in touch with someone else who can help. 

Minibus times:

We are currently offering a schedule of shopping trips on the Fish bus to Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons and also a trip to Reading town centre this month.  Please see timetable below for details, booking open from 20  October.
 November 2020

 Click on the picture of the bus for some more information and pictures!


Work has started at the site of the old police office and FISH is hoping to move into a new refurbished office by the end of the year.

In addition to home visiting, driving to appointments, minibus trips (which are starting again) and collaboration with Oxfordshire foot care, FISH is now lending audio books and jigsaw puzzles for those locked in - or who would just like one. 

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